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Bring Your Child to These Events

Did you know how lucky we are living in the center of civilization filled with one of the best orchestras and performance in the world. Only 30 minutes away and we can experience full production of art, music and dance here in Boston.

Take advantage of it and make a fun field trip to one of the best shows on earth!

Everyone has different reason to attend events but for kids attending concert is just feels very real, rich and powerful. Their young minds can embrace the art of it and learn about new experience. These are memories you can build together, a field trip where you can dress, hold hands, show tickets, enjoy your seating and let the art wrap you around into warm blanket.

Here is some suggestions I personally would attend because i know in fact the quality of the performance will not disappoint anyone.

The Nutcracker by Boston Ballet, Tickets available now

November 24 - December 31 Time: 1:30 pm and 7:30 pm

  • Totally worth to see it at least once in your life

Peter and the Wolf by Youth Symphony Orchestra November 11, at 12 pm

It teaches how to recognize instrument by character and has a great story line for all ages

May I have your Attention Please October 25, 26, 27 at 11am

Great collection of classical power pieces, short and sweet!

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