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Guidelines for the Young Violinist.

Techniques Starting From Age 6+



Scales: One / Two Octaves


G Major (F#)

D Major (F# C#)

A Major  (F# C# G#)

A Flat Major (Ab, Bb, Db, Eb, )

B major (C#, D#, F#, G#, A#)

B Flat Major (Bb, Eb)

C Major

E Major (F#, C# G# A#)


Minor Scales: Natural, Harmonic (Raise 7th),

Melodic (6th and 7th on the way Natural)

A Minor

B Minor (C# F#)

C Minor (E flat,  A flat and B flat)

D Minor ( B flat)

E Minor (F#)

G Minor ( E Flat and E flat)


Bow Technique:


Detache Long or Short  —bow

Staccato Short stroke ….

Legato/Slur Connecting notes bow


  1. Detache ( Single note, double, triple, quadruple)

  2. Staccato (Single note, double, triple, quadruple)

  3. Legato (two notes, 4, 8, 16 notes)   



4. Connected Staccato AA AAA AAAA


5. Connected Staccato AB ABC   ABCD


6. Separated Staccato  A   AA AAAA      


7.Legato AB ABC  ABCD




8. Long short short  Aaa Bbb     


9. Staccato Long Short short      


10 Connected Short Aaa (Down A, up up a)




11. Reverse Short Short Long  aaA bbB ccC or aaB bbC ccD ddE eeF

Musical aspect, songs, composition, solos 

Beginner (age 6-9)

Essential Elements Book 1 and 2,3

Suzuki Book 1, 2, 

60 studies op 45 by Wohlfahrt.

Intermediate (9-12)

Suzuki 3,4,5

‘Indian war dance’ of the Indian Concertino by Perlman on the violin


Morisson’s Jig


Solos and Etudes by Gerald Anderson and frost


Hohmann's Practical method for the violin  Shimer

Solos for young violinist selections from the student repertoire by barber


Rieding Violin concerto in B minor op. 25 (Dark stormy night on the English countryside. )

Hans Millies Violin Concertino in D Major(Classical like Mozart)

Seitz Student Violin Concerto no. 2 Op. 13 (Adagio, technical)

Leo Portnoff Concertino in E <minor op. 13 (Dramatic genre)

Adolf Huber Student Violin Concerto no 4 op. 8(double string, flowing melodies, 16th notes passages)


Irish Tunes

Jazz Tunes

Introduction to Vibrato

Introduction to Second and Thirds Position



Allegro And Prelude Kreisler

24 Etudes Kreutzer

The Four Seasons  by Vivaldi

Violin Concertos by Mozart

Violin Concerto no. 1 by Bruch Violin Concerto Khachaturian

Violin Concerto in D Major by Brahms 

Sonatas and Partitas by Bach

Bossa Nova Collection from Tom Jobim 

Irish Tunes and Gigs

Concert and recitals during the summer
kids playing and performing at recital
learning how to play violin
growing together
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start your lessons today

Beginner to Intermediate

Intermediate to Advance

begin music lessons at age 6
grassroot movement
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