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Tuition &  Cancellation Policy

When can my child join Wellesley School of Music?

  We accept private lesson students at anytime throughout the year! We recommend starting lessons at the beginning of the school year so that we can offer the most flexibility in regards to scheduling – but we understand that this is not always possible.

Starting age 6 and older

What instruments can I pick?

Wellesley School  offers private classical and jazz instructors on the following instruments:

piano, violin and vocal at this moment.

How old do you have to be to begin music lessons?

We recommend to start lessons at age 6+ and older. We do teach some of the adults students as well.


How long are the lessons?

We offer private lessons weekly anywhere from 45- minutes.

You can request one hour lessons as well.

For age 6-12 We recommend 45 minutes, From age 12 and up at least one hour.

How long is my child expected to practice?

We recommend each student practice daily, ideally the same amount of time as his/her lesson to review a homework, practice on old repertoire and work on the new giving material. It takes approximately 20-45 minutes per day.

Can specific scheduling requests be accommodated?  

We will make every effort possible to accommodate specific scheduling requests as long as you give us enough notice, at least 2 weeks in advance. 

If you need to change your time and day in the middle of the school year there is no guarantee that teacher can accomplish it due to busy schedule



You can pay fee via Venmo and Paypal in the beginning of each month.

Tuition and How to pay?

 We charge on the 1st of the each month for 4 lessons and it's non refundable. 

There is no refund for missed lessons due to family traveling/forgetting or vacations.  

Once the price set for your lessons it cannot be adjusted. Previous charges cannot be adjusted or be transferred/rolled over. If you decide to discontinue lesson in the middle of the month, lessons will not be refunded. Each payment cycle set in the beginning of the month for 4 weeks and they are not refundable if you decided to discontinue the lesson. If you do decided to discontinue just let us know ahead of time (at least a month) and we can end payment cycle at the end of the month.

We are understanding as long as it civilized and respected to our efforts and work.

What if you decide to discontinue lessons?

We understand if you need to stop lessons with us; however, we require a notice of 2 lessons prior to your last meeting with your teacher. If you like to re-gift your paid lessons it's possible to do it within 6 months time frame.  Please talk to us first.

Is there "gift certificate" for Lessons?

Yes, you can pay for lessons as a gift as long as location doesn't exceed 10 miles radius from Wellesley or we can do lessons online.

Should you participate in class as a parent or not?

You are welcome to attend first few classes in the beginning. If you are eager to learn and help to your child how to practice and play music you can read teachers notes and request for homework; however, if teacher thinks it will be helpful to teach one on one without interference, we suggest to allow our teacher to do what they do the best, communicate and work in quiet comfortable environment with plenty of lights and good atmosphere.

Parents we kindly ask to allow give space and time to a teach to do her job without supervision, tesnsion or control. We trust our work is important to all of us and we like to have calm and open space

What Accommodations do you need?

Please allow student and teacher to have enough space without any additional noise or any other distractions to work efficiently and calm.  Hopefully no hard core cooking, frying or any other strong smells that will make both student and teacher to drool or have spicy food that absorbs into a cloth.  

Please have ready: Your instrument, notepad, Ipad, pen, and workbook to learn, write and play.

Bring your Books for Every Lesson.

No TV or loud games/conversations should not be heard by a teacher and a student during the lesson as it brings more distraction toward concentration and skills.

What should you expect from a teacher?

   Expect neat and clean outfit, positive mood, bringing own instrument if need it and other work related supplies. At least five minutes of meditation, breathing and calm conversation to help child bond with teacher and get ready to work together.

Please know that teacher may run 15 min late for your lesson if she is coming to your home due to traffic

Make-Up And Cancellation Policy

We take our schedule very seriously at Wellesley School Of Music.  Our teachers are very busy and they schedule themselves accordingly several months in advance, back to back with their students one after the other. So we are currently offering absolutely No Refunds for sudden cancellations.

All make ups/missed lessons have to be done within 7-21 days since cancelation.

 Please read carefully:

  • Any Cancellation prior to 3 days from a lesson can be:

    a) Rescheduled, however only two times in one semester.               

    b) If teachers cannot find the time to reschedule a make up physically, Online would be next       option.

      c) If teacher and student cannot do make up online, then we would kindly offer 50% of missed               lesson added to your next lesson.

     d) If a student cancels or misses an arranged make-up lesson, it will not be rescheduled and             no refund will be given.

     ​e) Last minute cancellation due to sudden sickness/covid will allow you to keep 1(one) lesson and do the make up during the school vacation online or in Wellesley Studio.

    f) If for any reason a teacher cancels a lesson, then a make up will be scheduled. Teacher takes full responsibility on attendance.

    g) We do not roll over lessons to the next month. All Make ups has to be done within a month or during the same week. 


 If you need to cancel lessons 1 day before: Please contact your teacher and see if it can be rescheduled on the same week or do it online of the same week. If you cannot reschedule make up for the next 7 days there will be no refund. We take our schedule seriously.

    h) Lessons cannot be passed over to siblings in case of a student's absence. 

    i) A lesson cannot be postponed or rolled over or rescheduled if/when family forgets time or             day of the lesson or no one answers the door when the teacher is there. 

    k) Please allow teacher to arrive 15 min earlier or later depending on driving conditions per weather and/or traffic conditions 

Teacher is allowed to cancel/refuse services if the lesson conditions has heavy cooking smell, loud noises, loud talking, Sounds of TV or games, loud/smelly animals, surrounded with 2 or more people around, has any problem with lights, air pressure (room is too hot or too cold), lack of decent instruments, lack of child's attitude, any behavioral issues, any strange and or unpleasant comments/behavioral issues.

Teacher doesn't guaranteed child's success or speed of accomplishments; it's up to a child to pick up their paste and develop their skills based on curiosity, wiliness to learn, available time, social skills, attitude and development. There will be no refunds if you are not happy with your child's accomplishments. We do not strive toward competitive environment but more gentle and open mind approach toward harmony and joy of learning musical instruments. 

  • For an immediate communication, we suggest using text messaging or a phone call directly with your teacher and/or Sophia from Wellesley School of Music at 617 827 5777

  • If you send an email and do not hear from us in a day, it may mean we have missed it as        we are always on the go, so please call or txt so that we can pursue your email.  We do not want to miss any of your emails

I don't have a keyboard what do I do?

We can certainly help you find the right keyboard that will fit your corner and match your wallet. We have keyboards available for rent 


Where do you rent the violin?

We have all sizes of violins for rent as well for $20 only per month

Ask today








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