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Crystal Reiki      Sound Bath

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Singing Bowls  Tea  Crystals  &  Reiki Session


What is Reiki?

Reiki: Directing Energy Toward Holistic Health

Reiki treatments may seem mysterious, given that they rely on an invisible energy field. Learn about the theory that guides its practitioners’ hands with our brief introduction.

Nearly a century ago, Buddhist monk Mikao Usui ascended the slopes of Mount Kurama to meditate. He stayed for three weeks, and when he came home, he brought with him the basic tenets. The fully clothed patient reclines on a couch or table as the therapist hones in on 12–15 energy pathways across the body. The therapist’s hands then act as conduits of positive energy, hovering above each pathway for several minutes at a time. Advocates of reiki report a profound feeling of relaxation that washes over the body during these sessions—some drift off to sleep, and others claim to experience out-of-body visions.

To parse the meaning of reiki, one can divide the Japanese word into its constituent parts—rei, meaning “divine spirit,” and ki, meaning “life energy.” Though not tethered to any religion, reiki is spiritual in nature and built upon the notion that ki, often chi, flows through everyone. Negative thoughts and physical conditions can disrupt this chi, and it is up to the reiki therapist to recharge the affected parts of the energy field. Usui believed the therapy was “the miraculous cure of all diseases,” but modern reiki therapists rarely recommend that it take the place of traditional medical or psychological treatment. They see it instead as a supplemental energy therapy that works in harmony with other types of medicine to combat anxieties and physical illnesses.

Group and Private Sessions

We do Group and Private sessions

Crystal Reiki Team is Sophia and Mutlu Bozok

Certified Reiki Practitioners are currently working on several projects and collaborations with Chrystal Singing Bowls and many other instruments. Sophia holds Master’s degree in Music and Performance which allows her to dive into mode of transformation and expression through music and art. With full mental spiritual and physical alignments it helps to elevate the vibration of mental thinking as well as holding the space for others to join the sensation and feeling of high awareness.  Mutlu is offering to have one on one or group conversations with whoever wishes to find answers on their path, and give them enlightened answers so that they can resolve what blocks them deep down and emotionally, and which way they need to go to get true results, make meaningful changes in their lives, and in their selves, this way they find happiness and learn to stay happy as they live on.  Together they create an amazing atmosphere that allows people to sense full freedom from any judgement, expectation or roles.  Creating the most out of given time and space you will ultimately experience relaxation, peace and love surrounded with good intention and compassion. 

Benefits from Sound Bath and Reiki

Crystal Reiki is offering three Reiki practitioners, certified and experienced with individual and group sessions. The benefit of receiving Reiki allows people to reach a level of deep relaxation, improve/heal physical health and mental clarity.  During the Reiki session the receiver is intended to feel a relief from emotional distress and physical issues such as fatigue, insomnia or arthritis.  Reiki can be done through a workshop where we explain the basics and teach in a group session to bring balance and a sense of peacefulness and a deeper connection to one's true self.
We have a unique addition to complement our Reiki sessions with the divine sound of our Crystal Bowls (sound bath) tuned towards different chakras/energy portals on the receiver.  The combination of both Reiki and Crystal bowls opens the path for a true healing towards mind, body and spirit. 
We provide our tent/canopy with colorful, festive and relaxing decorations all around and we use several inflatable mattresses to provide comfort for the receiver(s) to lay down and have the full experience of Reiki and Sound Bath. 


Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation helps you to close your eyes and embrace a full body relaxation.  Singing bowls are made of pure quartz crystal and hand-tuned for each chakra.  When played, these bowls resonate (sings) its assigned note, and this way opening and balancing the corresponding energy vortex of the body.  We create a sacred space for people to lay down on their mat and let it all go fully and without holding back. In that sacred space, we play crystals intuitively to help open all 7 chakras and expand your consciousness.  Soft and bright sounds vibrate on the high frequencies that will elevate your spirit and take you on towards the journey to your inner being. 

Crystal Reiki and Sound Bath at "Unifier"

Crystal Reiki and Sound Bath joined local festivals in MA and CT: Unifier and an Elements. We travel with Singing Bowls to perform workshops and group sessions as well as individual. Please check out what we do at Unifier

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