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Welcome to Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance was initiated by Sophia and Mutlu Bozok who are also  founder of Wellesley School of Music and Mutlu's Kitchen. 

With talents we gather all around us we were able to deliver one of the best moment of ecstatic dance with live violin. Please come in your comfortable clothing and enjoy the art of healing dance. 

13 Common St Natic, Ma

Common Center Spiritual Center

 Your donations are highly appreciated $15 

Venmo:  Sophia_Bozok

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Upcoming Events

  • Ecstatic Dance
    Multiple Dates
    Sun, Feb 13
    Common Street Spiritual Center
    We will focus on heart opening session Anahata, breathing, moving and allowing our heart to expand collectively. We are the creators of the our reality so let's get together and bring our essence into slow melt of oneness!
  • Ecstatic Dance
    Multiple Dates
    Fri, Mar 11
    Common Street Spiritual Center
    We will activate Solar Plexus for more abundance and prosperity for ALL!