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6th Semi-Annual Kids Recital in Bradley Hall

April 2 is Our 6th Semi-Annual Kids Recital

14 Kids and 20 musical pieces will be presented by Wellesley School of Music in Bradley Hall of a Rivers School of Music 300 Winter st. Weston

From twinkle twinkle (Mozart's Melody) age 6 to Fur Elise by Beethoven parents will have a moment to enjoy hearing their offsprings producing beautiful sounds and notes. Being on the stage is not anymore something scary or unknown. Sophia Bozok personally making sure their positive attitude toward performance and presentation where they can shine and feel confident about their skills and abilities to play, sing and even dance. Yes some of our students are volunteer to add personal touch and dance in front of the audience. There is no limits of what can be done when you heart is singing and your body is moving into direction of good and positive vibrations.

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