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Hi, I am Sophia, founder of WSM. After going through several music schools and conservatories gaining wide range of experiences I realized that most of my music teachers were not as connected as I wished especially in an early childhood, this is why I came up with very unique approach of teaching methods. Spiritually and consciously awake  I looked at the lesson from several prospectives: Emotional, Interactive, Respectful and Kind. Seeing energy and interests level of each child as individual is one of the most rewarding experience for both child and instructor. Connection that need to be established based on careful listening, friendly approach and mutual respect brings the best out of each child. Results are amazing and joy is endless when the child starts practicing on his own without parental supervision and homework is always prepared for the next lesson. Lessons become one of the favorite subjects where each child free to express their creative side and learn how to interact with adult who deeply interested in harmony, balance, interaction and innovative ideas. The idea is to help little star become more shiny by taking care of their favorite responsibilities, learning process, effort and flexible mind. 

wellesley school violin teacher sophia bozok
How do I pick an instrument?

Sometimes Kids hear the instrument and it triggers them to hear it more or perhaps know how to work with so the joy will goes on. Sometimes you need to introduce a child closer to an instrument in order to understand if there is any musical pursue at current age. 

Piano would be the easiest choice to begin with. It has a keyboard and easy to see the lay out where you can learn all seven notes rotating one after another. You can learn how to read music and play basic notes. Eventually if you would like to explore other options of the instrument it would be not an issue since you will know your ABCs just in 2 or more lessons. You can start learning an instrument at any age as long as you have motivation and at least 20-30 minutes of practice everyday for kids and every other day for busy adults.

Purpose of Private Lessons

Wellesley School of Music has a team of professional musicians with Master's degree. Experts in music field each teacher has an individual approach to deliver the information in the most eloquent way. You or your child will not only learn how to play an instrument but also how to let go your thoughts and dive into the healing sound of your favorite instrument. With the right teacher there will be an alignment and therefore there will positive connection which will encourage the growth, provide honest feedback, stretch past comfort zones and test the abilities to think outside the box and manifest the talent through playing, singing and listening. In additional teacher will have a mind fullness meditation to calm the thoughts or even out the mood after long school day. It's helpful for any age and especially for kids with ADD and short patience.


Everyone has different reasons as to why an adult or a child need to learn how to play an instrument.  Some would like to pursue for performances and success and some for their own personal achievement and joy.  Our mission is to understand your reason and optimize the program that will allow you to connect with instrument step by step achieving your goal or simply be present.  Music is universal language and capable to open your mind into new life and energies.  

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